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Kenya Power owns and operates most of the electricity transmission and distribution system in the country. The Company’s key mandate is to plan for sufficient electricity generation and transmission capacity to meet demand; building and maintaining the power distribution and transmission network and retailing of electricity to its customers.

Kenya Power contracted Amiran Communications to Secure 24 of their Power Substations by providing them with State of the art Unified Access Control and Surveillance solution to oversee safety of their facilities. This has helped them in managing these sites centrally thus are able to care of these facilities remotely.

Equity Bank, one of the largest and fastest growing banks in East Africa recently contracted Amiran Communications to offer its security solutions to all the bank’s branches in Kenya. This IP Megapixel CCTV solution is based on high end equipment from the world leader manufacturer – PELCO, will allow the bank to monitor and control all of its branches from one central location as well as manage internal and external security risks. This has been achieved on a regional front.

The largest and most advanced data center in East Africa, Liquid Telecomm formerly KDN, is utilizing our cabling systems. We were contracted to consult supply and commission an extensive fiber and copper structured cabling network in the data center. This system was based on premeditated MTP-MPO fiber cables and CAT74 multi core bundled cables whose 2Key advantages are modularity and flexibility.

Nation Media the largest independent media company in East and Central Africa recently searched for an Uninterruptible Power Supply System that would support their mission's critical applications. Amiran Communications modular UPS systems were chosen for this project as the features of the system fitted the entire customer’s requirement such as its small foot print full redundancy, efficiency and reliability.

KPC operates a pipeline system for transportation of refined petroleum products from Mombasa to Nairobi and Western Kenya towns of Nakuru, Kisumu and Eldoret working closely with the National Oil Corporation of Kenya. KPC operates 5 storage and distribution depots for conventional petroleum products located in Eldoret. Kenya Pipeline Company operates a pipeline system for Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi and Nakuru.

Active monitoring of remote pump stations and controlling SCADA RTU’s is critical for the smooth service delivery for this client. The key challenges faced by the utility service provider included:

  • Bandwidth constraints which could not support new packet services such as Video Surveillance.
  • Lack of Path/Node protection. Existing linear bus topology meant downtime as a result of fiber cuts (resulted in-repetition) causing extended downtimes affecting key operations.

Following a public tender, KPC picked Amiran communications to implement a next generation network infrastructure that must be able to support the rapidly growing number of packet based services and applications as well as high capacity transport pipes. The solution entailed a Packet Optical Transport infrastructure that combines the simplicity, ubiquity, scalability and low cost of Ethernet and the capacity of DWDM with the classic carrier advantages of TDM (remote OAM, predictable performance, transport reliability and protection).Based on ECI NPT 1200 MPLS-TP switching solution the project was able to exceed the customer expectations. We designed a custom made fit solution that would still be relevant even when need of expansion arises. The outcome of our solution was that KPC has successfully rolled out IP CCTV as the result of the high capacity bandwidth delivered on the new platform providing real time surveillance:


  • Configurable QoS facilitated the project team to prioritize mission critical applications when service is switched to the lower capacity STM1 protection link.
  • The highly redundant Packet Optical Access Infrastructure has greatly improved Service uptime resulting in enhanced service delivery and immense cost savings.
  • Native support of legacy TDM services has enabled the customer to secure their investment while implementing a gradual migration to fully packet infrastructure.
  • The NPT platform is future proof supporting upgrade to 320G capacity.